This One’s On The House

Somewhere in New York .....


I’m a voice over artist, and I’m just getting into the habit of saying that.  After nearly 30 years in one line of work, a change takes some doing.

A comparative newcomer, I launched myself on the unsuspecting and highly competitive world of voice overs just a couple of months ago.  It’s early days, days that are taken up with choosing auditions, submitting them in the hope of landing my first gig – and waiting …….

Waiting is one of the many unknowns that are taken as read in this job, but when I heard of another artist who took nine months to get her first booking, I realised it could be a longer haul than I’d thought.

I spoke too soon.  My first piece of work came through just a few days ago.  A project by a couple of students to make a commercial for a TV station, it will go to competitions all round the world.  The word ‘students’ is a clue, by the way: I don’t get paid.  But I have to start somewhere.  It’s experience, it’s a testimonial and it’s something to add to my voice reel.  And who knows who’s likely to hear it?

I should also add this project isn’t exactly an ego booster.  The commercial features a family and in my original proposal I suggested I would be most suitable for the role of the mother.  They had other ideas.  I play the grandmother.  So much for having a voice younger than my years …..

The script came through – and I had a grand total of four words of dialogue.  How much can you do with four words?  In the end, I did about fifteen versions, which I duly sent off, feeling rather pleased with myself.

The reply that came back wasn’t a total surprise.  My character had to nod off, so could I do some appropriate sound effects?  Of course I could!  Standing in front of my microphone in splendid isolation, I snuffled, grunted and snored away to myself.  Well, I thought they might want some sleeping noises as well.

So there are two advertising students somewhere in New York with a couple of MP3s, containing my speaking voice and my sleeping voice.  I’ve not heard back from them yet, but I guess that just means they’re getting on with producing the ad.  They’ve promised me a copy, so when it arrives, the link will find its way onto here.

In the meantime, if you’d like to hear what I sound like, just go to my webpage on,   

It’s just my voice.  No snoring or snuffling.  I promise.

1 Response to “This One’s On The House”

  1. 1 Voiceover artist February 17, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Good luck with the blog, Freda. Good to read of your experiences. I’m stuck in a very remote area of Wales, UK, so have to look for jobs that involve sending stuff as an MP3 – but quite a few people are happy with that these days. Been using, but it’s very hit-or-miss. Anyway, good luck with the v/o work.

    And snores and snuffles.

    Sweet dreams!

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