App-lying Myself

And my microphone is where ……?

A few months back, I landed my first piece of paid voice over work but I couldn’t say much more about it at the time.

But now I’ve recorded my first pieces, it’s about time I did.  You may have already heard about Kaliki, a new platform that converts print publications into streaming audio apps.  What makes it different is that it uses actual voice over artists to read the articles from major national and international newspapers and magazines, so they can be heard via mobile phones.  And I’m one of those voices!

After getting the booking (I’m one of a number of voices here and in the USA) through an audition on Voice123, I was allocated my publication – Conde Nast Traveler.  I’m delighted to be recording apps for such a prestigious mag and, while I’m not the only voice of this particular publication – I know of at least two others – I’m hoping it will turn out to be regular work.

If my first features were anything to go by, my knack for foreign languages might come in useful as well.  One piece was about a resort in Costa Rica, so I was able to throw in a little Spanish pronunciation, while another was about massages in Thailand – both getting and learning how to give them.  Thai isn’t part of my repertoire, but I think I got the place names about right, even if one or two of them took some rehearsing!

When the finished versions of my first recordings have been uploaded onto my website, I’ll post the link so that you can listen to them.

A number of international and national magazines, as well as daily and Sunday newspapers, will all be available on Kaliki, read by different voices, of course.  To find out more, check out this article from last autumn on CNet,, which also includes a link to a Kaliki demo.

And, before you ask, there’s been no mention of location recordings.  With the wonders of modern technology, I have to say the chances are slim.  Hey, you can’t have it all!

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