Slow, Slow ………

Not a common sight this week


It has been, as Garrison Keillor always introduced his Lake Woebegon stories, a quiet week.

This was the first one when I noticed a slow-down in the number of auditions coming through.  I couldn’t pinpoint a specific reason and put it down to it being just one of those weeks.  We all have them, after all.  Plus I was waiting to hear back about a forthcoming piece of work and to hear the finished version of another one so, all in all, things just seemed decidedly slugging.

So what to do with myself while I played the waiting game?  It would have been too easy to plonk myself in front of the TV – and I won’t deny that I did occasionally! – but I felt I should make the effort to use my time productively, especially as I knew that at some stage things would get going again – and, when they did, everything would arrive in a mad rush.   For starters, it gave me the idea for this post …..!

Mailing out my voice reel is an on-going job, so I sent out another batch.  Having covered production companies and TV and radio stations in London and my own locality in Surrey, I cast my net wider and sent it to places within shooting distance – Brighton, Oxford, Reading and their respective counties.  And I set about compiling a list of targets for other cities with a media community: Manchester, with the BBC having moved to Salford, Birmingham and Bristol for starters.  More time- consuming than it sounds.

It meant I could give my website some attention.  Having originally hoped that another page would be in the offing to showcase my work so far, alongside testimonials, I clearly wasn’t quite there yet.  Not because I hadn’t done the work but some of my gigs hadn’t gone public yet, so I didn’t have the finished versions.  The sensible thing to do was to update the existing page with the YouTube clip of the Milfresh commercial, and the testimonial from the agency, and then review it again when the other items had arrived.  An email to my designer got that started.

I also signed up to a brand new site that, hopefully, will produce some more work.  Called, it’s a global site specialising in voice overs for telephone answering systems.  It’s free to join, which is always welcome, but I can’t comment on how it works until I get my first job.  It’s early days – for the site and for those, like me, who have signed up.

I expected the weekend to be just as quiet, if not more so.  And it was – except for one anticipated email, which arrived on Sunday afternoon.   Back in February, I talked about landing my first paid job, a new mobile phone based service.  It launches soon, so I’ll be able to tell you more about it then, but I’ll be voicing articles from newspapers and magazines – and the email confirmed which one.

Things are starting to move again …………

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