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Two Short ……..

Just out of reach. This year.

We all learn from experience – either our own or that of others – so when the idea of becoming a voice over artist first crept up on me, I knew exactly who would give me the inside story.

The very same friend, Natasha Tobin, was probably responsible for planting the idea in the first place.  Experienced in broadcast news and voice overs, as well as being a first rate PR consultant, she was kind enough to allow her brains to be picked shamelessly and pointed me in the right direction.

One invaluable piece of advice was to have a professional voice reel.  It’s an essential tool of the trade for any voice over artist, but the key word is professional.  There’s a myriad of articles on the subject so I’m not going to labour the point, but if you’re serious about getting into this line of work, don’t skimp: get it done properly.  Mine was done as part of my training workshop, but I’ll cover another time.

As well as being my audio CV, as it were, I found another use for my voice reel.  At the start of the year, one of the voice over websites launched the Demo Of The Year competition.  It was pretty much a case of doing what it said on the tin.  Entrants were asked to send in their demos, regardless of whether  or not they belonged to the site, which were then put on a special Facebook page for the first round of the competition.  Votes were cast on the page with the aim of whittling down the list to ten male and ten female finalists, who would have their entries judged by a panel of industry professionals.

So I decided to enter one of the tracks from my voice reel.  I had nothing to lose, after all, and knew that I could rustle up a reasonable number of votes, courtesy of my friends – and, hopefully, some of their friends as well.

Having listened to a lot of the other demos, I knew my chances of winning were nigh-on zero: they featured actual projects, such as commercials, and were really impressive.  Mine was a studio piece using a generic script and, while I thought it was good, I also knew it was more than likely that something that had been previously broadcast would win.   But making the final was just about achievable and would create a good impression on my website.  I thought.

Well, the list of finalists was released yesterday – and I didn’t make it.  Despite all my friends rallying round, I was just two votes short of making the top ten, dammit!  It’s disappointing, but you can’t win ‘em all – or, indeed, make the final.  However, with any luck, as I continue to get work, my voice reel will grow so that next year I won’t just be aiming to make the top ten ……!


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