Watch This Space ……

I will tell you about my new booking - but not now

It was, as I’d hoped, third time lucky.  My first two bookings were unpaid, but they were work and reassured me that I hadn’t been barking up the wrong tree.

I kept my fingers crossed that my third would have some money attached.  It did. I was thrilled to get the booking, not just because it was paid, but because the audition piece was easily the most satisfying of all the ones I’ve done in recent months.  My enjoyment must have showed!

I’ll be one of the voices on a new, mobile phone based service – but that’s all I can tell you at the moment.  It hasn’t launched yet and, understandably, the company concerned is playing its cards close to its chest.  But as soon as they give me the thumbs up to publish something more detailed, I will.

In the meantime, the auditions for other projects continue, but with more confidence.  There are a couple that look as though they might come through so I’m hoping I’m on a roll – but I’m also superstitious enough not to mention here what they are for fear of putting the mockers on my chances.  As the saying goes, success breeds success, and I have to confess that breaking my duck definitely feels good.

I’m sure the novelty of the inherent variety in voice over work will wear off eventually, but at the moment I’m enjoying seeing how far I can stretch my vocal talents – such as they are – by auditioning for such projects as a children’s fairy tale app, a wildlife documentary, a nappy rash cream commercial and telephone messaging systems.  It also means that, in just a few months, I have a much better idea of the type of projects which best suit my voice – and, just as importantly, which don’t.

So, on to Paid Job Number Two …….

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