Taking Pod Luck!

Tom? Tim? Whichever ......

I’ve loved movies for as long as I can remember, so last autumn my own film review blog came into being.  The Coops Review (some of my friends call me Coops …..) has developed a regular, and growing, following and I have great fun writing it.  Shameless plug alert!  It’s at www.fredacooper.wordpress.com if you’ve not come across it before. 

Initially quite distinct, the line between my voice over work and writing The Coops Review has now become more than a little blurred which, as it turns out, is no bad thing.  And that’s simply because, when I started producing my auditions in MP3 format, the penny dropped that I could also produce podcasts.

So, once I’d arranged my podcast hosting, I set about writing my first script, based on an original blog post.  There’s a world of difference between something written to be read internally and something that’s going to be vocalised – don’t we all know it?! – so it took some time to make sure my script was trip-up free and as easy on the ear as I could make it.

With the script done and a perky little jazz number – royalty-free of course – as my theme tune, I was ready to go. The podcast was about my predictions for the BAFTA film awards and, as I was not only looking at who would win but also who should, it was quite a lengthy piece – about five minutes.  Which was asking a lot of my hoped-for audience.

It asked a lot of me, too, as I wanted to record it in one hit.  It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with a script, even if you’ve written it yourself: the potential for bloopers is infinite.  Anything from drying up for no apparent reason to knotting your tongue over a phrase that’s been as easy as pie a thousand times before!  Best – or perhaps worst of all – was thinking I’d done a complete take and then listening to it only to find a ridiculous gaff.  My downfall was my predictions for the Orange Rising Star Award, which was towards the end of the piece – where else?  On one occasion, it managed to change its name to the “Orange Star Rising Award” and on another my preferred winner, Tom Hiddleston, acquired a (twin?) brother, Tim.  Who?

It got done – not without squeals of frustration, swearing and I forget how many re-takes and has since been joined by two more editions – shorter, better edited and recorded in far fewer takes.  The listening figures aren’t bad but, more importantly, they’re great voice over practice, a welcome addition to my voice reel and will also find their way onto my website, when it launches next month.

Whether or not there’ll be a podcast version of this newer blog remains to be seen, but stranger things have happened.  If you want hear what The Coops Review podcast sounds like – sorry, here comes another shameless plug – it’s at http://www.cyberears.com/index.php/Show/audio/5984.  Assuming you like movies, of course.

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